UPDATE: Now with SFW and NSFW modes! Also, downloadable desktop versions!

Our point and click visual novel for the AdvXJam!

In the fiefdom of Sadcock-upon-Avon, strange things are happening. There are rumours of penises not looking or acting as they should...

Follow the witch Agnes Nutt as she magic-spells cursed phalluses back to health, saves or destroys marriages, shapeshifts, and more!

Made with RenJS (Luna's visual novel engine) by Rumpel, Luna Nemo, Camila Litz and Mariano Falzone.


(You can also follow us on Twitter: @OrbisTertiusGms and @__rumpel  :)

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
AuthorsOrbis Tertius Games, rumpel, lunafromthemoon
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsComedy, Fantasy, NSFW, Point & Click


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Unbelievably well put together. I love the conceit of a medieval sex witch, but what I love more is the dedication to dialogue and scene construction (especially the art, good lord!). Super cool game :)

We're so happy you liked it! Thanks for the kind words :D

Most entertaining VN I've played in a long while.
Thanks for making this.


Thank you for playing!!! :)

Very enjoyable :) Thanks for the game.

Thanks for playing!! :D


Fantastic artstyle! Is there a chance for a downloadable version? I really like to keep such extraordinaire games. :)


Thanks for playing! And we might do some downloadable versions soon!

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Wonderful! I'd also gladly pay for a downloadable version. :)

Wow, this was amazing! I can honestly say I’ve never played another game quite like it XD Beautiful art and funny story and very enjoyable all round~~


Thanks for playing and for the kind words! We're really glad you liked it ❤❤❤

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I was thinking to myself that this was especially hilarious after taking a medieval literature class, and very much how my professor described the medieval attitudes towards things like impotence and penis humor...

...and then I got to the credits and you reference an article by Carissa Harris! She was my professor! Small world! Have you reached out to her about this game? I feel like she would get a huge kick out of it.

If not I hope it's OK I sent it to her!


Heeey, that's really awesome, what a synchronicity!!! We haven't reached out to her, we would've tagged her on Twitter but couldn't find her. So sure, send it to her! Hope she likes it xD And give our big thanks to her too for inspiring us :D  Thanks for this and for playing, and we're glad you enjoyed it!

Cool game, I just finished it and it was fun. The only thing I didn't like was that the text was too slow... too much text maybe, but I guess it makes the game simpler for you to make. Anyway, good idea.


Hilarious and curiously believable 13th century romance. Perfect for playing while at work.

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Bizarre and funny game xD 


Excellent historical fiction.

Thank you!!! :)


This is really hilarious and a wonderful art style! Good job!

Thank you!!! Glad you enjoyed it :D

hello! i really like the style of the game, but i think i might have gotten stuck. i made the potion to change into sir hurdyballocks & went to the castle, but now when i return to the cottage to try to make more potions, it keeps showing me the transformation into sir hurdyballocks and won't show the options for making a potion any more.

Yep! Sorry about that! We've been fighting with some bugs and they should be fixed now. If you spot any more let us know!!! And thanks for playing :D

In fact, not ready yet, sorry!

it worked perfectly! the fiefdom & sir brad are saved - thank you for this lovely game!

xD thank you!! We fixed some other bugs with portraits and stuff if you wish to relive the experience again ;)